UserCandy is a Free Open Source User Management PHP Framework built from the ground up to be Easy and Powerful.


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UserCandy Announcements

9/20/19 : UserCandy is almost here! We are currently still in the Alpha phase of the project. Join the Discussion!

Packed Full of Features

Bootstrap Design
Font Awesome Icons
UserCandy Framework
User Management
Group Management
Advanced User Profiles
Extra Security Features
Admin Panel
Easy to install Dispensary Items

UserCandy is built on a custom Framework.
Forums, Friends, and Private Messaging Plug-ins easily downloaded via Dispensary.
You may visit the demo site: UserCandy Demo Website
UserCandy Demo Site Admin Login Info
Username: admin
Password: password123

Why UserCandy?

The UserCandy Framework was created to help beginners easily create, or expand their website projects. Most existing projects can drag and drop into the custom pages folder. With just a couple clicks Administrators can limit which users can view each page, and configure them within the AdminPanel.

What is the Dispensary?

The UserCandy Dispensary is a collection of Plug-Ins, Widgets, Themes, Helpers, and more that can be downloaded within your project via the AdminPanel Dispenser. Once downloaded most Dispensary Items can be configured to fit your needs within the AdminPanel Dispenser.