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Bug ID Package Type Status Priority Summary Comments Submitted By
View 14UserCandy Forum PluginBugForum Plugin Code Display 0DaVaR DaVaR
View 13UserCandy Forum PluginBugHighForum Plugin Title Issue 1DaVaR DaVaR
View 12UserCandy FrameworkEnhancementLowCustom Templates Folders 1DaVaR DaVaR
View 11UserCandy DispensaryEnhancementMediumDispensary Items Change Logs 2DaVaR DaVaR
View 10UserCandy FrameworkBugHighErrorHandler not working like it should. 1MrShocking MrShocking
View 9UserCandy FrameworkBugLowUser Profile bad urls 3DaVaR DaVaR
View 8Wall PluginBugMediumFriends not showing on Wall friend list 1DaVaR DaVaR
View 4UserCandy FrameworkEnhancementLowError and Success Messages 4DaVaR DaVaR
View 3UserCandy Comments HelperBugLowComments Helper Improvements. 1DaVaR DaVaR
View 2UserCandy Wall PluginBugLowStatus Updates 1DaVaR DaVaR
View 1UserCandyEnhancementLowNotifications Drop Down For NavBar 2DaVaR DaVaR